Eswatini warns citizens to be wary of fake news

Zivanai Dhewa

…As misinformation threatens the peace of that nation

The Government of Eswatini has warned of an invisible hand that is using the media to circulate false and unverified information meant to destabilise the peace prevailing in that country, while rubbishing false information that the Eswatini government has declared Marshal Law.

Speaking through a press statement, the Acting Prime Minister, Themba Masuku, declared Eswatini government’s commitment to protect its people, and its responsibility towards the full realisation and protection of that country’s constitutional and basic human rights and the need to tighten its security for purposes of protecting its people, critical national infrastructure and maintenance of peace.

“The government has tightened security to regain the rule of law, peace and to protect all emaSwati.  We continue not to tolerate the looting, arson, violence and all other forms of criminality that are currently being directed at business and people’s property.

“We have had to call in the army to protect critical national infrastructure and enforce the Covid19 regulations.  There has been no Marshal Law that has been declared, as reported,” Prime Minister Masuku said.

The Acting Prime Minister further condemned the nature of riots that have engulfed their country, labelling them an act of delinquency, as it is destroying livelihoods and exposing people to  Covid19 infection.

“The riots have degenerated into a criminality and are infringing on many basic and social rights of emaSwati, including but not limited to food security, safety, health care and business.

“The damage to property that has occurred does not only affect livelihoods but also further puts the kingdom’s efforts to mitigate and minimize the economic challenges brought about by the Covid19 pandemic in jeopardy.” Masuku said.

Meanwhile the African Union Commission through its Chairman Moussa Faki Muhamat, has sent a message expressing concern over the events occurring in the Kingdom of Eswatini, reiterating the official standing of the Eswatini government, condemned the violence, loss of life, looting and destruction of property.

“The Chairman condemns in the strongest terms the incidents of violence that have led to loss of life, looting and destruction of public and private property.

Furthermore, Muhamat reiterated the African Union’s continued commitment to support the people and Government of Eswatini in their quest for a peaceful resolution of the challenges facing their country, within the framework of the AU’s long-standing principles of continental solidarity.