41st Ordinary Session of the AU Executive Council roars to life

Staff Reporter

The 41st Ordinary Session of the African Union (AU) Executive Council which started today and is expected to end tomorrow will see member States discussing the AU structural reforms among other issues.

Speaking through a statement, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Spokesperson, Livingstone Mugejo highlighted the considerations that will be deliberated upon during the Session.

“The meeting will consider, among others, the 2021/22 Audit Report, the 2023 AU Budget, the AU structural reforms, including the approval of the structure of the Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) and ways to enhance the implementation of the AU`s Environmental Agenda.

“The Council will also consider the outcomes of the Sixth Pan-African Parliament (PAP) which saw the election of Honorable Chief Fortune Charumbira as the President of PAP. It will also consider the reconfiguration of the AU Peace and Security Council,” said Mugejo.

Mugejo said that the Executive Council would culminate in the adoption of the decisions which will be considered by the Assembly during the February 2023 Summit.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Fredrich Shava travelled to attend the 41st Ordinary Session of the AU Executive Council event which is being held in Lusaka, Zambia.

This Fourth Mid-Year Coordination Meeting would convene at a time Zimbabwe is being tipped to become the continent’s food giant.

Meanwhile, the AU theme of the year, “Building Resilience in Nutrition on the African Continent: Accelerate the Human Capital, Social and Economic Development,” augments Government`s efforts of attaining Vision 2030.