It’s time to demonstrate local products superiority - Buy Zimbabwe

By Nobleman Runyanga

The local products promotion campaign, Buy Zimbabwe has embraced the recent temporary suspension of Statutory Instrument 122 (formerly SI64) by Government which was aimed at improving the supplies of basic commodities.

This was stated by Buy Zimbabwe Chief Executive Officer, Munyaradzi Hwengwere in a statement issued to the campaign’s partners and stakeholders yesterday.

 “We should use this opportunity to seriously lobby for accelerated efforts in completing the local content policy. We also advise local companies to take advantage of foreign (products) challenges to mount an aggressive communication campaign aimed at gaining preference over imported products. There are many success stories we should bring into the public realm in terms of employment, capacity utilization, accessibility and affordability,” said Hwengwere.

Hwengwere stressed that despite the temporary setbacks presented by the imminent imports, manufacturers should use the situation to foreground the superiority of their products as a way of gaining medium to long term market share.

“Our conviction as Buy Zimbabwe is that we must never surrender markets to imported products. There has never been a better time to demonstrate the supremacy of local goods and services,” said Hwengwere in the statement.

 The Buy Zimbabwe leader also disclosed that his organisation was collecting and documenting manufacturers’ various responses to the temporary suspension of the Statutory Instrument for further stakeholder engagement on the matter.

 “We will compile the responses for you and all stakeholders including government,” said Hwengwere.

 He also announced that the issue would be discussed further during the Retailers and Suppliers conference which is slated for the 6th to 9th of next month at the Legacy Monomatapa Hotel in Harare.