Zimbabwe’s future bright: AFDB Representative

By Bernard Mutambudzi

The African Development Bank (AFDB) says it is committed to supporting Zimbabwe in exploring more finance avenues to foster economic revival.

The AFDB Country’s representative to Zimbabwe, Mr Emmanuel Nzabanita said the future for Zimbabwe was bright.

 Speaking today at Zimbabwe Infrastructure Summit held at a local hotel, Nzabanita said the country was on the recovery path.

“I can assure you as I have informed the Minister of Finance yesterday (Wednesday) that we strongly remain committed. We shall look at any other, if any at all, alternative avenues available that we can still be of relevance in terms of what Zimfund is doing as he has also pointed out some of the key issues.

“Please be assured, be encouraged, be committed that we are fully supportive in whatever avenues,” said Mr Nzabanita.

He said the regional bank eagerly waited to see Zimbabwe successfully implement its economic reforms.

“I also want to extend our greetings from the president (AfDB president Dr Akinwumi Adesina) to the people of Zimbabwe. We take note of the micro and socio-economic challenges that you are facing and the president assured the people of Zimbabwe that we will stand with you as a developmental partner of choice especially on developmental financing. Despite all the trying challenges you are facing, we will stand to100 percent,” said Mr Nzabanita.

Zimbabwe Infrastructure Summit seeks to bring all stakeholders in infrastructural cluster to bring ideas together and chat the way forward.

The AFDB is the administrator of all Infrastructural projects and it monitors them.

Mr Nzabanita said he was impressed by the co-ordination between his organisation and Zimbabwe.

“I feel encouraged by the co-coordinative work that you are doing even with Zimra and Zimfund and the role that the bank plays here. I attest to the developmental impact that we are providing here in the context of the bank financing,” he said.

This year’s summit was running under the theme, “Infrastructure upgrade as the anchor to achieve the Vision 2030.”