TSP opens up business for the private sector

Rudo Saungweme

Government through the Transitional Stabilisation Program (TSP) has started to crowd-in the private sector to procure essential commodities.

The essential commodities include medical drugs, soya meal for the production of cooking oil and fuel.

A Senior Government Official who spoke on condition of anonymity to Harare Post said that the crowding-in of the private sector is in line with Government’s T.S.P.

The Official also said this development should help in the expansion of the economy as everyone would now play a part in rebuilding the country in our road to a middle income economy by 2030.

“I am pleased with the economic reforms being implemented by our Government. Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Honourable Mthuli Ncube did a noble thing by crowding-in the private sector in nation building through the T.S.P.

“Inclusive economic systems protect private property rights, create fair access to economic opportunity for all, encourage investments in new technologies and skills are more likely to assist in developing the country,” he said.

The Senior Government Official commented on the challenge of fuel shortages and said it would be more likely a thing of the past.

“Government liberalised the importation of fuel which means the private sector can now import fuel, thereby lessening the burden on Government. This move will help in augmenting supply gaps of fuel in the market.

“To ease the challenges of soya meal and crude oil production in the country, the private sector is also expected to play a leading role in the procurement of soya beans,” said the Official.

The public sector should ensure that imports of goods available on the local market are minimised through increasing productivity to produce more exports.