ZANU Pf calls for ban on ecocash dealers

By Patience Rashai

ZANU Pf has called on Government to deal with Ecocash dealers whose activities are fuelling inflation and distorting the official exchange rate, with the local Zimbabwean currency (bond note) continuing to tremble drastically against the US dollar.

Speaking in the capital, this Thursday, ZANU Pf’s acting spokesperson, Patrick Chinamasa bemoaned the continuous devaluation of the Zimbabwean bond note, owing it to unscrupulous money dealers responsible for distorting the exchange rate on the parallel market and ultimately causing a rise in inflation.

“We are calling upon Government and law enforcement agencies to stem these nefarious activities, including the eradication of Ecocash dealers so that there can be restoration of sanity in the economy.”

“We have become aware of someone living in Dzivarasekwa in a one room making transactions of over $8 million,” he said.

The party spokesperson added that indications on the ground spoke to an invisible hand intending to benefit from the country’s economic meltdown and hence the need for law enforcers to deal with this before it gets out of hand.

Controversial politician and media personality, Ace Lumumba, woke up to offering a whopping $91,5 RTGS for US$1  in a move intended to mop up  US dollars from the public, eventually fuelling speculation for further devaluation of the local currency.

Generally Ecocash dealers have gained notoriety for determining the prevailing parallel market exchange Rate for the day, hence the call by the ruling party for a ban to their transactions. Previously the RBZ has had to freeze thousands of accounts linked to mobile money agents, but in vain.