Gweru to commission US$ 1 million wheat plant

Midlands Correspondent

Midlands based bakery, Brainman Investments (Pvt) Ltd is set to commission a US $1 million dollar wheat milling plant in Gweru, as Government’s devolution policy bears dividends.

Brainman director, Douglas Kwande said plans to install the milling plant were at an advanced stage at Zimglass complex in Gweru, with installation completion expected by mid-October.

“Four technicians from China are leading the wheat plant installation process and installation is currently at 90%.

“The plant has the capacity to produce 100 metric tonnes (MT) of wheat flour per day, hence it will also accommodate other bakeries which might need our services,” he said.

Kwande said the plant would undergo a month’s test run before full production is launched.

When operational, the wheat milling plant will not only produce wheat flour for Brainman’s DCK Bakeries but will also supply wheat flour to other local bakeries in the Midlands province.

Bakeries in Gweru are reported to be currently operating at 70%, producing 35 000 to 40 000 loaves per day, as such, this new plant will give new life to bakeries in the city of progress and even lower prices.

Currently a loaf of DCK bread is going for ZW$75 and commanding a good market share in Gweru and the surrounding areas in the Midlands province.

Economic analyst, Freedom Rupuya said if supported, the bakery could contribute towards the Midlands Provincial Gross Domestic Product and advance Government’s devolution call.