Zim poised for a prosperous 2022

Staff Reporter

Government has been commended for progress achieved in 2021, as people anticipate 2022 to surpass achievements and developments attained in 2021.

This publication managed to interview economic analyst Abednego Mastika on his projections for 2022.

“Government has been focused and has delivered on its promises.  In 2021 the economy recovered significantly mainly due to higher agricultural production, improved capacity utilisation in industry, and stabilisation of prices and the exchange rates.

“Growth is expected to strengthen further in 2022 as the negative impacts of COVID-19 subside, rain levels remain good, and implementation of policies outlined in the National Development Strategy (NDS1) hastens,” Mastika said.

Meanwhile, the general public that was interviewed said their New Year celebrations seemed bright and the preparations were well underway.

“We saved up at Christmas so that we can celebrate our entry into the New Year.  We will be up until the clock strikes a minute after midnight,” said one Makonese.

Alfred from Machipisa said, “We are preparing for 2022 with no worries, we know the country is in good hands, chedu kupemberera goredzva.”

Meanwhile economic analysts have hailed Government for its robust vaccination programme which they say will help boost tourism, trade, transport, and other sectors that were negatively affected by pandemic disruptions.