Mismanagement blamed for Metallon Gold Mines downsizing

by Tapiwa Matonhodzi

Early this September the nation woke up to the much unanticipated scaling down of some of the mines operated by Metallon Gold Limited (Ltd) as a result of mismanagement, Harare Post has learnt.

Speaking to Harare Post on condition of anonymity a source revealed that a number of mines are operated by Metallon Gold Ltd, these are Shamva Mine, Mazowe Jumbo Mines, How Mine and Redwing Mine. Of these, Shamva and Mazowe Jumbo Mine have been rocked by mismanagement.

“Metallon Gold Ltd is being mismanaged by its Executive and Founder, Mzilikazi Khumalo. Khumalo for the past years has been collecting proceeds from Shamva and Mazowe Jumbo Mines without considering operational costs and payment of workers. His actions have set back the mines production output as arrears have now accrued and are choking operations,” said the source.

The sources also said it was saddening that hundreds of workers at these mines are now being laid off to enable payment of arrears which could have been avoided by practicing good corporate governance.

“In total Shamva and Mazowe Jumbo Mine have laid off 696 out of 2238, who should be paid their salary arrears within three months. Poor operations at these mines should be curbed by the Executive so that they do not spread to How Mine which remains lucrative,” the source also said.