Is Twitter more powerful than embassies? Saudi Arabia makes us believe so

Twitter was created by American software programmer Jack Dorsey and three of his partners in March 2006. It was launched as a micro-blogging site in July the same year. By Jack Dorsey's own admission, Twitter meant "a short burst of inconsequential information and chirps from birds," and "that is exactly what the product was".

But today, Twitter seems to have become more powerful than embassies established around the world. All-powerful leaders don't wait for their seasoned envoys to talk to their counterparts in respective countries. They chirp on Twitter and diplomacy is done, and sometimes dusted.

The latest example is Saudi Arabia's snapping of ties with Canada, a country the Islamic nation depends heavily for import of arms and weapons. Saudi Arabia has recalled its ambassador to Canada and expelled Canadian envoy from Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia has said that it would cancel or divert scholarship of hundreds of students studying in Canada. A defence deal, already in controversy, between the two countries is also in jeopardy. –India Today