Ease of doing business beckons at the Registrar General’s office

by Brightface Mutema

The newly appointed Registrar General, Assistant Commissioner (Rtd) Mr Clemence Masango has vowed to bring sanity and efficiency within the department. This will be in line with President Mnangagwa’s call for the ease of doing business in the country.

It had become a norm that if ever one needs to apply for passport; you had to endure long queues just to get the application form. Some would need to travel long distances to Harare for an application form, a thing that put a dent on the effectiveness and efficiency of the RG’s department.

“Part of my vision is to improve computerisation in order to modernise our operations and improve efficiency. There is no reason why one should queue just to pick up an application form, say for a passport, that should be easily available online where they download, submit; only to be called for interviews,” said Mr Masango.

The nightmare that had been brought by the long queues was fuelling an upsurge in corruption by the employees at the RG’s office. They would prey on applicants who were not patient enough to join the queues. Because of that, the RG’s office had become a breeding centre for unscrupulous shenanigans. Mr Masango said this will soon be a thing of the past.

Mr Masango said the enhanced computerisation of the department would ensure efficiency and getting rid of personal contact between officers and clients, as part of efforts to combat corruption as well as making services affordable.

The new RG is known amongst his peers as an upright gentleman who does not give an inch on corruption, laziness and lateness. He said he would instill a new work ethic to ramp up service delivery within his department in line with the demands of the Second Republic led by President Mnangagwa.

Mr Masango takes over from Tobaiwa Mudede who led the department for a very long time and was retired last week. This was meant to reinvigorate the Government’s efforts to inject a new culture within civil service that is led by such abled, young and vibrant people like Masango amongst others.