Bitumen World refutes MDC traffic circle ownership claim

by Nobleman Runyanga

Road contractor, Bitumen World had to wade into a cyber storm that was torched by MDC-T Chamisa faction Kuwadzana East legislator, Chalton Hwende after he claimed that the round-about which the company built at the junction of Harare Drive, Gaydon Road and Rolf Avenue was constructed by the recently sworn in MDC-dominated Harare City Council.

Hwende claimed that the modern traffic circle, which he described as a ring road, was built by the Herbert Gomba-led council which is barely a month old in office.

“Our MDC council led by His Worship, Councillor Gomba is the one constructing this ring road intersection and not ZANU PF Government as claimed by some ZANU PF social media activists,” tweeted Hwende excitedly over the weekend.

The tweet caused a furore on the internet as many people questioned Hwende’s logic of apportioning the city project to a political party. Bitumen World, which together with other companies such as Fossil Contracting, have been carrying out a number of road re-surfacing and maintenance projects in Harare and Chitungwiza since January 2017, had to issue a statement giving the correct position. The company clearly stated that its client in the project was the City of Harare (the municipality) and not the Harare City Council or the MDC-T Chamisa faction.

“The traffic circle is a product of the contract between City of Harare and contractor, Bitumen World (Pvt) Ltd, funded by Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) agreed to in February this year,” read part of the statement.

“The scope of the initial project was to rehabilitate Harare Drive between Borrowdale and Drew Roads, a total of 4.5 km, by strengthening and widening the road to a full 10 metres. Towards the end of the twelve-week project Bitumen World was awarded the additional works to construct a traffic circle...” the company indicated.

Bitumen World further highlighted that the City of Harare had given the company the rights to landscape, irrigate, decorate and erect solar-powered street lights at the traffic circle “at no additional costs to the client or ratepayers” just “for the community to enjoy.”

Many Twitter users were not amused by Hwende’s false claims and reminded him to confine himself to the needs of and developments in his constituency.

Haunyare murume mukuru kusweroita nharo dzeroundabout kunge mari yakabiwa. Tsvee kutaura zve(Kuwadzana) library iri muconstituency menyu isati yapera mavakumhanyira kwavamwe. Ndimi type yaichemera kuita imbwa kumahumbwe,” tweeted Planmore Chemhere.

Takakuvhotera kuti utiudze zvemaprojects ekuKuwadzana not ngano idzo,” tweeted an evidently miffed Kuwadzana resident, Elphas Makoni.

Mimwe misangano yakatakura vakomana. Zihwende rese rerume rakadai risingazive difference pakati pecouncil nemunicipality asi richitonzi MP,” quipped David Manyati.