Second Republic brooks no corruption

By Bernard Mutambudzi

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has reiterated that in the Second Republic, there will be no sacred crow in as far as ridding the vice of corruption is concerned.

President today officiated at the pass out parade at Morris Training Depot in Harare where 617 police officers graduated.

“I urge the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and all citizens in general, to be more focused towards inculcating a united, peaceful and harmonious society. Let us collectively entrench constitutionalism, the rule of law, accountability, transparency and other democratic tenets as we build the Zimbabwe we all want,” President said.

He said the graduation comes after the advent of the New Dispensation and the Second Republic where the nation is breathing a new lease of life.

He added that there is greater impetus to turn around every sector of our economy as we strive to achieve upper middle income economy status by 2030.

“I call upon you to constantly review the curriculum of the training programme so that it remains relevant in moulding police officers who have the requisite attributes of professionalism, loyalty, patriotism and unyielding devotion to jealously guard the pillars of peace, law and order in our nation,” President said.

President encouraged ZRP which is a national institution to recruit officers from every corner of the country.

He said every officer was expected to know some of languages in the Constitution and culture of the community where he or she serves.

“This practice must be perpetuated with no deviation to enhance national harmony, cohesion and unity. We are one people, united by one flag and one national anthem,” said President.

He urged police recruits to undertake lessons related to the investigation of modern crimes such as terrorism, trafficking of persons, drugs and arms.

“We must modernize ZRP to be technologically savvy, responsive and robust in view of the well coordinated criminal syndicates who manipulate current trends,” he said.

The President highlighted that Government is committed to supporting ZRP to acquire modern, advanced training, investigation and crime detecting and monitoring capability.

Meanwhile after the pass out parade, President commissioned a fleet of 40 vehicles bought by Government, among the vehicles were 35 single Toyota cabs, five Scania trucks.

The vehicles are part of 189 to be delivered in the first batch. Government has authorized the purchase of 897 vehicles for the police department.