MDC-A Supporters fuming over Chamisa ‘stupid’ Statement

By Zivanai Dhewa

The Movement for Democratic Change Alliance supporters have taken to Twitter condemning the statement by their leader, Nelson Chamisa who openly disowned them and called them stupid.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Chamisa threw his supporters under the bus by saying that their demonstrations on 1 August was premature and uncalled for.

“This is actually… you are talking about an election that has not yet been declared, and why would I actually react because I don’t know the elections that would be announced, it was very stupid in fact for people who demonstrated, to demonstrate for the results to be released, it was stupid, because they then opened themselves up to be attacked and for manipulation.  I think whoever demonstrated have their right but I feel that it was not called for, that’s my view, it was premature and unstrategic,” fumed Chamisa.

One MDC Alliance supporter identified as Arsenal Babey, said, “As much as we try to believe him, this guy is like a headless chicken.  Anongoporonga.  This was the final nail on the coffin….I give up.”

Another netzen called Mox of steel reiterated, “This Wamba Cobra is a slime that has no honour or loyalty. People died believing his nonsense and he now calls them stupid. When he called for people to defend their vote on the streets and what did he expect them to do.  Have always told these blind MDC fools that this boy is insane.”

Amos Gara added his displeasure at Chamisa’s utterances saying “Chamisa mistakes roguery for success/victory and he is sadly in error.  He lost respect of worth-while people, and what is worse is the protective enfoldment of his overself (sic).”

An attempt by Chamisa to retract his statement was condemned by one netzen who declined to be mentioned when he said, “You spoke from the heart. Period. No need to sanitise your words and actions.  You called your supporters stupid and that’s your position.”

In light of his call for country wide demos, people have begun to see right through him, that he only uses people to prop his political career and has no desire to stand and represent them in any situation. His supporters warned of a huge flop in the attendance of his slated countrywide demonstrations.

“And he is also saying he is mobilising his stupids for a march to defend votes.  Don’t know how many stupids will go in the streets for him,” roared one Tendai Zvaranyika.

“I prophesy that Wamba won’t be in public for the next few days after he insulted his supporters who demonstrated on August 1 saying they are very stupid.  He threw them under the bus.  The demos he wanted to bolster his position for an MDC Congress adirwa jecha,” he added

Queen Bee added to the discussions saying, “Well what would one expect from the Jiggies president he has no respect for his party constitution, internal democracy, women and now his supporters. Irony in all this is they clapped each time his misogynistic tendencies creped out, nhasi ndezvavo.”