Chamisa successfully threatens Mwonzora

By Christophers Makaza

MDC Secretary General, Douglas Mwonzora has finally given in to party President Nelson Chamisa and his puppets` threats that anyone who dare to challenge Chamisa will risk plunging themselves into what they termed political dustbin.

MDC youths together with the party`s National Organising Secretary, Amos Chibaya were the first to endorse Chamisa. They threatened all members who wished to contest Chamisa ahead of the congress, a threat that has been viewed by political analysts and other party members as undemocratic.

Chibaya warned party members wishing to challenge Chamisa that they risked plunging themselves into what he termed political dustbin.

Mwonzora`s sympanthisers have been receiving all sorts of threats and insults from Chamisa`s camp. The Secretary General has also been labelled a Zanu PF project since he signalled his intention to contest the party`s presidency.

Mwonzora succumbed to pressure after failing to secure a nomination in Mutare during the weekend and has vowed to fight for his post.

Takawirirana zvakare, kuti ini, ndichazama kuwana chigaro cha secretary general webato rino. VaChamisa ava varikupedzisa zvavakatanga vari pachigaro ichochi. Ini ndoda kupedzisa zvandakatangawo pachigaro ichochi.

“(We have agreed that I will try to retain the secretary general post of this movement. Chamisa whom you see here, is finishing what he also started at that post (Presidential). I also need to finish what I started at this post (secretary general),” he said.

Mwonzora will, however, not have it lightly as he faces  Kuwadzana East legislator Charlton Hwende, who has received at least four nominations so far while on the other side, respected human rights lawyer Daniel Molokeli, formerly known as Fortune Mguni is also angling to take over the secretary general post. Six provinces, together with United States MDC chapter had by yesterday nominated Chamisa to retain party presidency.

Commenting on the issue, cyber troll Tafara Shumba on his Twitter page posted, “Chamisa got the MDC presidency unconstitutionally. I thought the issue of legitimacy would be solved by this congress. Unfortunately it will continue to haunt him since his nomination is being attributed to manipulation of the MDC structures across the country.

Another troll, Vaera Ngwena accused Chamisa of misinforming people, raising ratings and compromising other political opponents.