Dog eat dog in MDC campaigns.

Christopher Makaza

MDC members who are vying for leadership positions ahead of their crucial elective congress scheduled this May are publicly humiliating each other as they make their final Provincial campaigns.

During their campaign rally in Mashonaland East, Marondera, MDC Vice President Morgan Komichi allegedly attacked party members Tendai Biti and Welshmen Ncube when he said that he remained loyal to the party despite persecutions by Zanu PF, unlike other party members who jumped ship and formed other political parties only to return seeking major positions, in reference to Biti and Ncube.

Addressing party members in Bindura, Deputy Treasurer General Chalton Hwende who is vying for the Secretary General post attacked  MDC Secreatary General Douglas Mwonzora saying that the opposition party had been infiltrated by Zanu PF through him.  Mwonzora denied any links with the ruling party saying all those vying for the Secretary General position were green horns that were not tried and tested like him.

Hwange East Legislator Daniel Molokele also attacked Douglas Mwonzora blaming him for the party`s loss during the 2018 general elections.

Surprisingly the party says it won the 2018 general election which they said were allegedly rigged by Zanu PF yet Molokele is openly admitting that the party lost to Zanu PF.

During the same platform MDC Vice President Morgan Komichi said he was the Chief Elections Officer during the 2018 elections and he had the guts to publicly expose and denounce alleged vote rigging by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC). Komichi had nothing meaningful to talk about regarding developmental and constructive issues which benefits the party and the country.

Biti said he was instrumental in reviving the economy during the Inclusive Government claiming that he was the panacea to the current economic hardships as he had global connections. Surprisingly despite all those so called connections, they are failing to finance party activities and failing to pay salaries for their workers.

In a bid to bootlick Chamisa, Welshmen Ncube claims that he was there when the late Morgan Tsvangirai appointed Chamisa as heir. He claims that he is a unifier and bridge between the Shona and Ndebele.

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa during the provincial campaigns in Mashonaland Central in Bindura urged party members to brace for a wave of demonstrations after their elective congress. This fulfils allegations that the opposition party is working with some NGOs who want to sponsor them in unleashing violent demonstrations to achieve their regime change agenda.

Chamisa noted that the ongoing dialogue is a waste of time without him, highlighting that President Emmerson Mnangagwa was arrogant and would regret snubbing him during the dialogue. Chamisa`s utterances are not only surprising but shocking as he is the one who has snubbed President Mnangagwa`s call for every party to join the dialogue for the good of the country`s economy.