ZESA restores Hwange Power station

Shongedzai Mugwagwa

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) through its subsidiary Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC), has started to rehabilitate the Hwange Power station to ameliorate the power generation situation, the Harare Post can report.

Zesa has advised its customers that it was activating stage 2 of power load shedding where some residential areas would go for 15 hours without electricity.

On its Twitter handle, Zetdc said that progress had been made on the restoration of Hwange and that it had recorded a break through with one of the small units which are producing 80MW which it is feeding into the main grid. The power provider also assured the nation that it was working tirelessly to restore the 160MW unit and push the power onto the main national grid.

“POWER UPDATE. Zetdc has started restoring Hwange. One of the small units is now on the grid producing about 80 MW. Tomorrow morning one of the big units producing 160MW also goes on stream. That’s enough power to power the whole of Bulawayo,” said Zetdc

The update has received thumbs up from citizens who applauded the power utility for working tirelessly to restore the normal supply of electricity. Zetdc has expressed confidence that if Hwange was restored, it will ameliorate the electricity challenge in the country characterized by longer hours of power cuts due to the depressed water level in Zambezi River.

“The current situation is a very emotive issue but we strive to ensure that clients are informed and transparency exhibited. The Ministry is working tirelessly on a robust set of measures to curtail load shedding,” wrote zetdc on twitter.