ZANU PF candidates applaud ED.

by Christopher Makaza

Newly elected ZANU PF candidates have described President Emmerson Mnangagwa as a principled and focused leader who stands by his word.

The candidates commended the President for introducing true democracy not only in the ruling party but in the nation as a whole.

This follows the ruling party`s successful free and fair primary elections where big wigs were outclassed by new, young and energetic party members.

In an interview with Harare Post, Zvimba North House of Assembly candidate, Marian Chombo said that the new administration under the watch of President Mnangagwa was very fair and treated every party member equally without favour.

“I am pleased to represent ZANU PF in the coming harmonised election. I was chosen by the people to be their leader. Last election I was unfairly treated by the G40 cabal when they imposed former cabinet minister, Ignatius Chombo who also happens to be my former husband. Chombo had represented the constituency for more than eighteen years because he was always imposed on the people by the old dispensation.

“Imposition of candidates is the major reason why people opt to contest as independent candidates. We are happy that President Mnangagwa allowed everyone to join the primary election race which saw those old horses that used to be imposed to the electorate falling by the way side. It’s the first time in the history of ZANU PF election to experience such democracy,” she said.

After ZANU PF primary election, the ruling party  successfully held a healing workshop where President Mnangagwa addressed winning and losing candidates, urging them to unite and work together for the ruling party`s victory in the forthcoming July plebiscites.