By Staff Reporter

Strategists within the MDC and Saviour Kasukuwere’s #TysonWabantu outfit are on the verge of reaching an agreement that will see a new political force emerging in Zimbabwe before April 2020.

According to individuals close to the goings-on the possibility of a merger between the two young turks has brought some excitement in the opposition camp.

Whereas the finer details of the agreement will be sealed in April 2020, authoritative sources have revealed that the parties have agreed on Kasukuwere being the MDC 2023 presidential candidate.

“These are exciting times in the opposition. For the first time with this deal we are envisioning a clean sweep of ZANU PF. The merger of the two groups would result in the emergence of a political force capable of successfully challenging ZANU PF in 2023. Chamisa will then succeed Kasukuwere in 2033,” said an impeccable source.

The source further revealed that under the merger, the outfit had agreed on maintain the name MDC. “That the party remains MDC is unquestionable. Kasukuwere will lead deputized by Nelson Chamisa,” added the source.

The source re-iterated that the defining moment of the agreement would be in April 2020.

“The distribution of other key posts including possible Cabinet candidates would be agreed on before April 2020 when the new party is expected to be launched.

“Once launched the new MDC would abandon its neoliberal approach and adopt a pro-worker pan-Africanist approach. It would be modeled along the lines of Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). This would make the party more acceptable to the region, the continent, the developing world,” the source said.

The source further indicated that Chamisa was convinced that Kasukuwere would bring to the opposition the war veterans and the security sector flavor the MDC has always lacked.

“Remember the late Morgan Tsvangirai at some point considered to roping in ZAPU led by Dumiso Dabengwa, mainly as a draw car to lure war veterans. It was a squandered opportunity then, which we do not want to miss now. More so there is an observation that compared to Chamisa, Kasukuwere has more gravitas, a greater stature, links with War Veterans, acceptability among Pan Africanist leaders in Africa and links with some former members of the Security Services.”

“On his part, Chamisa is also convinced that Kasukuwere has potential to attract some rural votes and disgruntled ZANU PF elements. The MDC has huge potential in urban areas, Kasukuwere would revive waning support for the MDC.

Another strategist said, “There is a perception that the MDC’s support has been declining post 2018, owing to the thinking that Chamisa is weak, clueless and blindly pro-Western.

“On the other hand, Kasukuwere is perceived as pro-labour because of his association with Malema, the arrangement would cleanse the MDC of its image as a Western puppet as Kasukuwere is perceived as a pan-Africanist. Kasukuwere would bring with him donors with deep pockets, including Grace Mugabe whom he is said to be intimately close to.”