Chamisa facing difficult questions from western backers

by Correspondent

Sources in the MDC have revealed that Nelson Chamisa is facing difficult questions from Western diplomats. The sources revealed that the most difficult question that Chamisa is facing is on the issue of gay rights. On his trip to Germany and Sweden he was confronted over the issue.

Most of his interlocutors observed that he was ambivalent over the issue. Some held the view that he would uphold gay rights and even legalise gay marriages if he becomes president. Others thought that he was feigning sympathy with gays in order to unlock donors’ wallets and would, once in office adopt an anti-gay stance.

Chamisa is an Evangelist Christian and has deep rural roots which makes Westerners doubt his commitment to gay rights. However, the sources revealed that some MDC leaders, including Tendai Biti who is close to influential Americans support gay rights and are even urging Chamisa to tell the Westerners that the MDC would legalise gay marriages.

However, all members of the MDC leadership held the view that the party should not pronounce itself on the matter until after the 2023 elections. They fear that the issue may infuriate and repel voters as Zimbabweans are generally conservative on gay issues.

On the other hand, taking an anti-gay stance would be tantamount to financial and diplomatic suicide as most of the MDC’s sympathisers in the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union are either pro-gay or gay.