Zim lockdown gets a thump-up

by Shongedzai Mugwagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s decision to put the country under a total lockdown for 21 days in a bid to fight the COVID-19 scourge, has received commendation from across political divide, business community and the general populace, the Harare Post can report.

Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa surprised many as he commended President Mnangagwa for declaring a total lockdown to contain the virus.

“The decision to lockdown Zimbabwe is necessary, wise and supported. We are in circumstances of catastrophe. There is only one Zimbabwe. We are one people. Politics aside, we must unite to save lives. Measures to test, detect the virus and cushion the vulnerable are essential,” wrote Chamisa on his Twitter timeline.

On the same subject, MDC National Secretary General, Charlton Hwende, applauded and implored the public to uphold President Mnangagwa’s measures against the scourge.

“We must all comply with the decision to stay at home from Monday 30 March for 21 days. We are facing a very serious pandemic that needs all Zimbabweans to unite and join hands in order to curtail the spread of this virus. Team Zimbabwe will win together this war against COVID-19,” tweeted Hwende.

Meanwhile, Health officials who spoke to this publication said that the lockdown was not for people to go on holiday or joy rides across the country.

“If people think that President Mnangagwa is giving them a holiday of three weeks and they go around gallivanting, they must know that as a country, we are going to pay a price for that. Right now the level of infection is still very small,” he said.

There have been calls from across all sectors imploring the President to enforce a national lockdown after the country had recorded seven confirmed COVID-19 cases and one fatality.

Some of the measures pronounced by the President to be religiously upheld by the public during the lockdown are; staying indoors and only come out when necessary to buy essential goods and services, cut on gatherings, no public transport except for ZUPCO and the Public Service Commission buses which will be fumigated. Passengers will be screened while boarding the buses.

President Mnangagwa also implored the business community that will be allowed to operate during the lockdown not take advantage of the situation and inflate prices.