Public scorn at Sikhala rallies

By Patienec Rashai

Netizens have come out guns blazing at MDC Deputy National Chairman Job ‘Wiwa’ Sikhala for organising rallies in Harare amid fears of spreading COVID-19.

In a video which has gone viral on social media, Sikhala is pictured addressing a small gathering and advising them to rally behind the MDC Alliance.

The fresh need for campaigns follows the recent Supreme Court judgement which called for the MDC party to go for congress within 90 days, leading to panic among the MDC leadership.

“We see Job Sikhala holding a closed gates rally, against Covid-19 rules. What would his party say if there would to be an outbreak in Mabvuku where he was? More so if he were to be arrested for it. No masks, no social distancing. How reckless with the lives of ordinary people can one be?” cautioned one netizen.

“Sikhala is creating a mess on an already tricky situation. This is not the time that someone should be holding rallies when COVID-19 cases are actually on the rise,” said Tafara Mutumburwa.

MDC legislators seem to have a neck for breaking lockdown regulations, with Harare West legislator, Joana Mamombe having staged a flash demonstration in Warren Park last week as well.

On the video, a few gullible women could be pictured laughing to Wiwa’s jokes, hurdled in a durawall corner, clearly oblivious to the need for social distancing and the required face masks.

Sadly, the outspoken deputy national chairperson ends his Mabvuku rally by saying, “Handei kuHatfield” for yet another rally.