Returnee commend ED’s Covid19 measures

By Taurai Mazwi

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been commended for the measures that he put in place during the country’s national lock down.

Speaking to this publication on conditions of anonymity one returnee who recently left one of the quarantine centres after meeting the required health standards said the quarantine is not a life time sentence and that people should adhere to the Government’s call.

“Having returned from the UK and quarantined for a few days I am grateful. Some people who were quarantined together with me are glad that the Government is quarantining returnees on arrival.  I can imagine the state our nation would be in right now, if we were allowed to go home as soon as we arrived, because some of the returnees I was quarantined with, tested positive for Corona Virus.  Imagine the number of people who could have contracted the virus.

“Quarantine does not mean Government is being cruel. I didn’t mind were we were staying because it was just for a short time. Some complain about poor conditions at quarantine centres, I think Government is doing its best to ensure a comfortable stay. I knew I would be going home in a short while and therefore did not need to fuss about the quarantine centre, no place is better than home by any standard.

“I think this is why the numbers in this country continue to remain low. I can only encourage those returning home that the quarantine centres might not be fancy but remember you go home afterwards, let us do it to protect our loved ones,” she said.

President Mnangagwa on Saturday announced that Zimbabwe continues on Level 2 lockdown for an indefinite period and that there shall be regular two-week interval reviews to assess progress or lack of it. He said this would give us more time to strengthen our prevention and case management approaches. He also emphasised that returnees will have to undergo a 21-day quarantine in school and college buildings set aside for the purpose.

If people entering the country are not isolated for 21 days or are not accounted for, they could worsen or increase the Covid19 cases in the country and tracing will become difficult. With the region approaching its winter season, strict adherence to the prevention and containment of the spread of Covid19 should be practiced.