Kasukuwere turns to prophets

By Tafanana Kwedu

Former Zanu-PF political commissar and G40 presidential aspirant, Saviour Kasukuwere has turned to prophets to fulfil his presidential ambitions, a source has revealed.

 “Chasing after prophets and prophecies is Kasukuwere’s hobby, it is something within him. He believes his political life is rooted in prophets. Recently a WhatsApp conversation was leaked between Kasukuwere and a certain renowned prophet from Chiweshe, where the former sought spiritual guidance ahead of the 2023 presidential elections.

“As part of the ritual the prophet received Kasukuwere’s jacket from his relatives, and proceeded to hang it on a tree, the jacket is currently being addressed as His Excellency by occupants at the prophet’s shrine. What is happening is shocking and we don’t know for how long the practice will last,” said a source from Chiweshe, who refused to be identified for security reasons.

The source added that Kasukuwere, known by his followers as “Tyson Wabantu is now in fact Tyson “WamaProfita”.

According to source, Kasukuwere also enquired from the same prophet the possibility of him taking over the Presidency of the country even before 2023.

“Kasukuwere seems to want the Presidency of the country even now, an indication that he is willing to employ unconstitutional ways to unseat a constitutionally elected President. For him 2023 is far,” the source added.

The source revealed that Kasukuwere could not get a guarantee from the prophet on this request.

Meanwhile, Kasukuwere was fingered in various prophets’ escapades in the past and the history is well documented. In 2017, Kasukuwere’s photo at the home of an evangelist from Guta raMwari in Bulawayo went viral on social media networks and in the same year he was also accused of being the brains behind problems that afflicted the late Mudzidzi Wimbo of the Vadzidzi VaJeso church after the cleric refused to make a false prophecy that Kasukuwere would succeed former president Robert Mugabe.

Kasukuwere, currently in self-exile in South Africa is an ally of disgruntled former First Lady Grace Mugabe; others include Patrick Zhuwao, Walter Muzembi and Mandi Chimene, all in self-exile in South Africa and Mozambique respectively.