Protestors plot to engage in arson

By Staff reporter

Following heavy deployment of security forces ahead of the much hyped July 31 planned illegal demonstrations, Tajamuka/Sesijikile movement in conjunction with Counselling Service Unit (CSU) have plotted to engage in acts of sabotage, sensing that the masses might be afraid to participate.

CSU formerly known as Amani Trust, is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) registered as a health clinic that provides medical and rehabilitation services to alleged victims of political violence in Zimbabwe, mainly those from the opposition.

A close contact within Tajamuka revealed to this publication that the plot to carry out arson was being spearheaded by Election Resource Centre (ERC) Director, Tawanda Chimhini, Zimbabwe Devine Destiny leader, Bishop Ancelimo Magaya and other several activists led by Fabion Madzima-Vanganai.

The source said the operation was targeting vital installations like police stations, bridges, billboards with President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s face and some Government buildings across the country.

The team is also reportedly targeting houses of influential ZANU PF and security personnel, attacking their spouses and families, killing their animals and torching crops at their farms.

The contact revealed that meetings to organise the sabotage attacks are being conducted at CSU offices, suite number 1 Raleigh Road in Harare, on, one on one engagement for fear of being recognised and arrested.

On 27 July, Chimhini and CSU Director Francis Lovemore reportedly engaged Tajamuka leader, Promise Mkwananzi and Magaya over the plot, where Chimhini suggested to take the arson route instead of the mass demonstrations, which they said will not be practical.

According to the contact, the recently recalled MDC-Alliance ward 16 councillor Denford Ngadziwore who was in charge of spearheading the spraying of graffiti on walls, mobilising people ahead of the 31 July intended demonstration is also part of the new plot.

Madzima-Vanganai has reportedly been tasked to lead a team responsible for petrol bombing police stations and blowing up bridges including, the one along Harare-Bulawayo road in Kuwadzana Extension. The team has reportedly mobilised close to 600 litres of petrol to use on the day. The petrol is allegedly hidden in Kuwadzana 7 at an unknown house.

The contact further revealed that MDC-Alliance United States of branch chairperson, Tawanda Dzvokora who is also involved in the arson plot has reportedly mobilised US$6550 for the project and is sending the money through one Erita Zivanai. Part of the money will be used to pay participants who were promised US$130 to US$150 each for the job.

Magaya and Mkwananzi are reportedly in hiding at a CSU safe house in Msasa Park, Harare. Previously, the two were allegedly hiding at another safe house in Chadcombe, Harare before the venue was compromised.

Organisers of the new sabotage attacks took over from journalist, Hopewell Chin`ono and Transform Zimbabwe leader, Jacob Ngarivhume, following the arrest of the two on 20 July for inciting violence.

Participation of CSU in the sabotage attacks is a clear indication that the broke organisation wants to be visible and in the process, attract funding from donors following the termination of its funding from the United States Agency for International Aid (USAID) in 2018 on allegations of mismanagement of funds.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) continues to urge the public not to defy national lockdown measures through engaging in illegal protests, for the safety, healthy and security of all.