MDC-Alliance divided over Masotsha

by Innocent Mujeri

The outcome of the probe of MDC-Alliance Bulawayo Provincial Women’s Assembly Chairperson, Tendai Masotsha, for her alleged role in the suspected abduction of Tawanda Muchehiwa, has divided that party as other members are calling for the probe to be redone, citing a shoddy job by the investigation team.

Masotsha was recently found not guilty of any wrong doing by the MDC-Alliance internal investigation team led by Concilia Chinanzvavana, Jameson Timba and Advocate Kucaca Phulu.

A source who spoke to this publication said some party leaders like national chairperson, Tabitha Khumalo, had refused to accept the outcome of Masotsha’s probe and was urging Bulawayo members not to accept Masotsha back as their chairlady.

“The National Chairperson (Khumalo) has refused to accept the outcome of the probe. She has already told the Bulawayo women not to accept or recognize Masotsha as their chairperson. Khumalo is expected to write to the president (Nelson Chamisa) to tell him that the probe against Masotsha should be started afresh because the investigation team was influenced to exonerate Masotsha,” said the source.

Another Bulawayo MDC-Alliance provincial member also said the probe against Masotsha should be re-started as it was inconclusive.

“Masotsha’s case was handled by politicians who lean towards a certain side and their brief was to counter what Bulawayo had laid as a complaint. Ideally, the investigation was supposed to be handled by the party’s security wing which deals with security issues. This exoneration of Masotsha is just a farce and we will not recognize it,” said the fuming member.

Another MDC-Alliance member further said Masotsha was just a political pawn in a game pitting rival factions in the party.

“Masotsha is just a pawn in a bigger game pitting Welshman Ncube, Charlton Hwende and Karenyi Kore on one side and Khumalo and Job Sikhala on the other. Truly speaking, no investigation on Masotsha was done, instead the whole issue turned out to be a factional battle between the party heavyweights,” said the source.

However, some MDC-Alliance heavyweights said they were relieved to hear that Masotsha was found innocent.

“I have just read the report issued by the party’s ad hoc committee which investigated the allegations that Tendai Masotsha was involved in the abduction of Tawanda Muchehiwa. I am relieved to see that the committee found no evidence that Masotsha was involved,” tweeted David Coltart.

Hwende said the case on Masotsha was closed as the leadership had debated and adopted the outcome.

“My job is not to defend individuals but party positions. The report on the investigation of Masotsha was presented, debated and adopted by the party leadership,” said Hwende.

The hullabaloo about Masotsha’s probe outcome is just a confirmation of widening cracks in the MDC-Alliance. If the party fails to resolve their differences amicably, it is likely that another spilt is imminent.