MDC-Alliance employees planning mass defections

Staff reporter

MDC-Alliance employees who have gone for several months without salaries are contemplating to cross the great divide and join the ruling party ZANU-PF which they say takes good care of its employees and members.

A contact within the opposition party who is also among the affected employees revealed to this publication that some party employees have gone for more than ten months without salaries, which has caused serious disgruntlement within the beleaguered opposition outfit.

“Things are not well in our embattled MDC-Alliance as party workers across the country haven’t been paid their salaries since last year.

“Our party president Nelson Chamisa is aware of our humanitarian crisis and seems not to care about it. Last time he blamed the coronavirus period for not paying workers but failed to explain how he expected workers to survive the harsh economic environment without salaries.

“It is unfortunate that our president pretends to care more about Zimbabwean workers at large yet fails to take care of a few of his party workers,” said the contact.

The embattled MDC-Alliance leader is on record saying workers are the heroes of any nation and deserve decent lives and better living conditions but his actions fail to prove it.

“We are all family people with children to look after. We need food, school fees and rentals just to mention a few. The situation is just bad. Disgruntled party workers are planning to join the ruling party ZANU-PF which currently appears to be more organised than our MDC-Alliance.

MDC-Alliance is going to experience more defections of its members to ZANU-PF because of a number of other reasons which include Chamisa’s failure to propel the opposition wagon to political success as anticipated by many and has become more of a drama king and a philosopher than a serious contender for the country’s presidency.

A lot of MDC-Alliance members are also beginning to appreciate ZANU-PF policies as they have empowered a lot of previously disadvantaged people including youths and women.

The defection of former MDC-Alliance National Deputy Treasurer Lilian Timvious to ZANU-PF was the beginning of a great exodus of MDC-Alliance members to ZANU-PF

The warm reception that the defected MDC-Alliance officials received from ZANU-PF has convinced other opposition members to seriously think of dumping the sinking MDC-Alliance and join the ruling party.