Recalled MDC A legislators hit hard times

Political Reporter

Former MDC Alliance legislators recalled from parliament are wallowing in abject poverty with some of them having been evicted from their lodgings due to failure to settle their rental obligations.

A source who spoke to this publication said some recalled legislators in Bulawayo have become a pale shadow of their former selves as they are failing to maintain the lavish lifestyle they once had in their days as legislators.

According to the source, former Bulawayo senator Helen Zivira was recently evicted from a flat she was renting due to non-payment of rentals.

“Zivira was evicted from the flat she was renting because of failure to pay rentals. She had gone for seven months without paying rentals citing financial challenges. She has hit hard times to the extent that she was no longer attending party meetings as she does not have money for bus fares,” said the source.

The same source added that due to financial challenges she was facing, Zivira sold the car she received from parliament and she is now a pale shadow of her former self.

“Life has become unbearable for Zivira and she has sold the vehicle she received from parliament. Initially, she tried to use the vehicle to pirate between Bulawayo to Harare, but due to constant breakdown of the car, she decided to sell it. As a single mother, Zivira is failing to make ends meet and there is risk that her health might deteriorate due to stress,” added the source.

According to the source, former Bulawayo proportional representation legislator Thabitha Khumalo, was also facing financial challenges and her health has greatly deteriorated. Khumalo had no other meaningful sources of income and her recalling from parliament has reduced her to a pauper. She was now finding it difficult to attend Harare meetings due to financial constraints.

The source further said, former Bulawayo senator Gideon Shoko was also facing financial challenges and was currently selling his parliamentary car to supplement his income. The pension he was receiving from the National Railways of Zimbabwe was not enough to cater for his daily needs.

Following last year’s High Court ruling that the MDC Alliance was not a bonafide political party, a number of legislators such as Zivira, Khumalo, Shoko, Prince Dubeko Sibanda, Susan Matsunga and several others, were recalled from the parliament by the MDC T.