Sikhala at loggerheads with Chamisa

Staff Reporter

With reports saying that Nelson Chamisa is hoping the Douglas Mwonzora faction would ouster the outspoken deputy national chairperson and Zengeza West legislator, Job Sikhala from Parliament, the latter has responded saying that no one will push him out of the MDC Alliance.

Writing on micro-blog, Twitter in apparent response to the assertions by MDC T leader, Douglas Mwonzora that he had been inundated by calls to recall Sikhala from Parliament, Sikhala said he did not owe his political status to anyone and he was not afraid of being recalled.

 “No one owes his or her life to anyone. That’s the falsity of fake power. Someone with fake power will throw empty threats around, to be feared. Hupenyu uhu hwambotionesa masaramusi. Fear no one in life. Take your dream destination, never worship a man of flesh,” said Sikhala.

Political analyst Mr Tedious Mukanda told this publication that the tweet by Sikhala was an indication that all was not well in the MDC Alliance as they are elbowing each other ahead of the 2023 plebiscites. Mukanda added that Sikhala’s thuggish and violent behaviour was no longer welcome in Chamisa’s camp, hence they are pushing for his ouster from that party.

 “It seems Sikhala has blinkers which are making him fail to see the bigger picture in the troubled Chamisa camp.  He has overstayed his welcome in the MDC-Alliance. Sikhala is messing up the opposition party. His violent and thuggish behaviour is not doing well for the party. That is why Chamisa and others want to get rid of him. The only smarter way they are banking on is through Mwonzora’s recalls,” he said.

Mukanda further said that by now it should have crossed Sikhala’s mind that he was no longer wanted in the MDC Alliance and should rather revamp his MDC-99 to save his political career.

Meanwhile, there are reports that MDC-Alliance vice president, Tendai Biti was reportedly preparing to leave that party to revive his People’s Democratic Party (PDP) ahead of the 2023 plebiscites.

Efforts to get a comment from Sikhala were futile as his mobile phones were not reachable.