ZANU PF Provincial elections postponed

Political Reporter

ZANU PF has suspended the impending provincial elections to allow for the smooth preparations for the 19th Annual People’s Conference to be held next month in Bindura, Mashonaland Central Province.

Briefing the media after the Politburo session, acting spokesperson, Cde Mike Bimha, said the party resolved that the provincial elections would be held at a later date to be announced in due course.

“The Politburo following deliberations resolved to suspend provincial elections until further notice. This was done to allow party structures to focus on the preparations of the Annual People’s Conference,” said Cde Bimha.

Cde Bimha informed that the Politburo endorsed the recommendation to reduce the number of delegates attending both the national conference and provincial virtual centres in line with the Covid 19 health regulations.

“It (Politburo) also endorsed the need to follow the Covid 19 regulations and protocols. This implies that all delegates at each provincial centre must have been vaccinated and tested. They must be able to observe social distancing,” added Cde Bimha.

The Politburo also reiterated that the age limit for the membership of the Youth League should be 35 years and below and this provision should be respected unconditionally. However, the Politburo agreed that members of the National Youth League executive who have passed the age of 35 be retrained and redeployed as ex officio members of the Central Committee.

Cde Bimha added that the district elections that are supposed to be conducted this week will go ahead as planned across the country’s 10 provinces.

Meanwhile, the Politburo yesterday posthumously conferred national hero status to the late Cdes Rabelani Choeni,Saul Gwakuba Ndlovu, Elliot Ngwabi,Professor George Kahari and Professor Sheunesu Mpepepereki.

“The Politburo gave a thumps up to the decision made by the President which indeed bestowed befitting respect and honour to the heroes,” said Cde Bimha.

The party urged provinces and stakeholders to submit recommendations on heroes timeously to allow for appropriate considerations.