Slogan infuriates MDC-A members

Political Reporter

The newly-coined MDC Alliance slogan, #Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana (NHM), has infuriated some party members who are complaining that the slogan only elevates and promotes Nelson Chamisa at the expense of the party.

A source who spoke to this publication said the NHM slogan was never endorsed by the party and was only coined by overzealous Chamisa’s supporters who wanted to elevate him to the position of a deity.

#Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana is not a party slogan. It’s only a saying that was coined by overzealous members who wanted to please Chamisa. As the MDC Alliance, we have a procedure that should be followed when coming up with a party slogan. We can’t have everyone formulating a slogan for the party as it will reflect badly on our capabilities as leaders. Slogans are supposed to be the product of congress as they are used to market the party,” said the source.

The same source added that the slogan was shallow and there was no need for the MDC Alliance to have another slogan as it already had a universally known and accepted slogan.

“How can we have another slogan when we already have one? Everyone knows that our slogan is ‘Chinja Maitiro/Guqula izenzo’. It’s a slogan that compels everyone to change his or her electoral behaviour and join our party. However, this slogan does not help the party as it only focuses on an individual rather than the entire party,” added the source.

Meanwhile, another source within the MDC Alliance told this publication that the blockage of Chamisa’s convoy in Masvingo yesterday was done by members of a rival faction who were now fed up with Chamisa’s leadership.

“It’s a lie that the chaos that happened in Masvingo yesterday was caused by ZANU PF supporters who did not want Chamisa to be in Masvingo. The truth is that members of a rival Maruva cabal organised people and instructed them to block Chamisa from holding any meeting in Masvingo. The fact that there was no single person wearing a ZANU PF regalia shows you that the Party had nothing to do with the chaos that ensured,” said the source.

The source said the villagers were ostensibly demonstrating against the sanctions when Chamisa’s convoy arrived. One of Chamisa’s aide reportedly fired two warning shots prompting the villagers to attack the convoy.

The MDC Alliance is currently embroiled in factional battles with a faction known as Maruva cabal increasingly becoming impatient and fed up with Chamisa’s leadership style.