Ncube accused of dividing MDC Alliance

Political Reporter

MDC Alliance members in Bulawayo province have accused that party’s co vice president Welshaman Ncube of causing chaos in Bulawayo by creating parallel structures with the intention of maintaining his grip on the province.

A source within the MDC Alliance confided in this publication that Ncube had been going around Bulawayo province placing his loyalists in strategic positions. The source said Ncube had spent much of his time in Bulawayo addressing ward meetings that were not supposed to be addressed by someone with a position of vice president.

“The chaos in Bulawayo province is being caused by Ncube who has literally camped in the province. He has been addressing ward and district meetings that are not supposed to be addressed by someone senior like him. Ncube is busy creating parallel structures and it’s clear that he is working to neutralize president Chamisa’s influence in Bulawayo. He wants to declare himself the godfather of the Matebeleland region,” said the source.

The source added that it was shocking that Ncube chose to neglect national programmes such as Chamisa’s Meet the People Rallies, opting to spent time in Bulawayo to further his selfish agenda.

“Ncube was supposed to be going around with the president but he chose to abandon the president opting to be in Bulawayo to further his political agendas. He is failing to assume his role as a national leader as he has reduced himself to a mere factional leader. Why is he not camping in other provinces such as Manicaland or Mashonaland Central?” said the source.

The source further accused Ncube of working with Bulawayo provincial chairperson, James Sithole and secretary, Ernest Rafamoyo to victimize anyone who opposes them. Ncube and his faction have already chosen members to contest as councilors and legislators in the 2023 elections as he wants to maintain his grip in Bulawayo.

The source further said that Ncube was overstepping his mandate as the vice president of the party. He said Ncube had no right to directly interfere with party structures as that was the duty of the national chairperson or the organising secretary. The source added that Chamisa should clip the wings of his deputy before he cause more harm to the party.

Ncube was not readily available for comment as his mobile phones were not reachable.