‘MDC Alliance is fleecing us’

Political Reporter

MDC Alliance members are accusing their party leadership of fleecing them through unjustified continuous demands for monetary donations and charging exorbitant fees for one to contest in the next elections.

A source who spoke to this publication said that the MDC Alliance was slowly morphing into an elitist party and it was now expensive and taxing to be a member of the MDC Alliance as members are always directed to extend a financial hand to the party.

 The source said that members were recently irked by that party’s resolution that for one to contest in the next local authority or parliamentary elections, the person should pay a hefty amount as application fee.

“My brother it’s now expensive to be a member of the MDC Alliance. The party has pegged hefty amounts to be paid by prospecting local authority and parliamentary candidates. The hefty amounts defeat the whole idea of democracy as those without financial resources are automatically excluded from contesting,” said the source.

The source who is eyeing the Hatfield constituency in 2023 plebiscite, said that the MDC Alliance resolved that for a person to contest in the next National Assembly elections, he or she should fork out US$50.00, Proportional representation (US$20.00), Senators (US$20.00), Provincial council (US$15) and local authority (US$10).

The same source said that the set amounts might seem insignificant, but they were too heavy as members were already burdened by the economic situation in the country as well as other party’s financial commitments. According to the source, every member is compelled to financially support party programmes and failure to do so, one risked being labelled a sell-out.

Another source, who is a sitting legislator within the MDC Alliance, said that the hefty amounts charged by that party would create room for factional leaders to impose their preferred candidates as they have the financial resources to do so.

“The hefty amounts charged by the party will give chance to some factional honchos to financially sponsor their preferred candidates. Candidates who have grassroots support but without financial resources might fail to contest and this might cause voter apathy and the defeat of the MDC Alliance,” said the legislator.

According to the legislator, the sitting parliamentarians are expected to contribute part of their monthly allowances towards Nelson Chamisa’s upkeep as well as party programmes. He said that the continuous monetary demands were scaring away party members and some are contemplating dumping the party.

The MDC Alliance coffers are reportedly in the red following donor fatigue and a slump in subscriptions by members, leading the party to employ various ways to fundraise in order to keep party operations afloat.