ZAAC arrest Senior Police officer on corruption charges

Staff Reporter

In line with the New Dispensation thrust of Zero Tolerance to Corruption, and of applying the law without fear or favour, the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission has arrested some rogue Police officers for impersonating ZACC Commissioners and defrauding a cross-border trader of US$2000.

This was revealed by the ZACC through a Press Statement.  Allegations are that the complainant, Nyengetai Mutasa had her consignment of goods impounded at Chirundu Border Post by ZIMRA officials. She was then linked to Police Superintendent Edgar Moyo of ZRP Gokwe District Headquarters and his two accomplices Cephas Phiri and Crispen Manda as ZACC Commissioners, by a clearing agent only identified as Lindiwe.

“She was given contact numbers purported to belong to Commissioners Muradzikwa and Makamure of the ZACC…Mutasa called the numbers and was responded to by persons claiming to be Commissioners Muradzikwa and Makamure, who instructed to deposit US$200 through the InnBucks facility for fuel to travel to Chirundu Border Post and she complied,” read the statement.

The trio continued fleecing Mutasa by continually asking her to deposit money under the pretext that they were facilitating the release of her goods.

“It is further alleged that on the 20th of February 2022, Mutasa was again called by the duo who instructed her to give Superintendent Moyo, by then a Chief Inspector and Officer in Charge Kwekwe Central Police Station, US$2100 to release her goods, she gave him US$500.

“On the 26th February 2022, the complainant was again instructed to pay another US$1000, through the same subordinate who handed over the bounty to the bogus Commissioners. On 1 March, Mutasa gave another US$300 to Supt Moyo after being instructed to do so by the bogus Commissioners,” the statement read.

In his inauguration speech, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said, “On individual cases of corruption, every case must be investigated and punished in accordance with the dictates of our laws. There should be no sacred cows. My government will have zero tolerance towards corruption and this has already begun.”