Losing candidate  blames Chamisa for Epworth defeat

Political Reporter

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) losing candidate in the just ended Epworth by elections, Eathrage Kureva, has blamed Nelson Chamisa for his electoral defeat.

A source who spoke to this publication said Kureva reasoned that if he had gotten support from Chamisa, he could have easily won the seat.

According to the source, Kureva argued that Chamisa hesitated to hold a rally in Epworth and only held a rally two days before the election date after receiving pressure from other party members.

“Kureva is bitter with Chamisa. He argues that if Chamisa had held a rally in Epworth a month before the election date, he might have snatched that seat. Kureva thinks that Chamisa hates him as he regards him as political lightweight who couldn’t represent CCC in an election,” said the source.

The source added that Kureva slated that party for not financially sponsoring the candidates. According to the source, a few candidates who are close to Chamisa, the likes of Caston Matewu, Murisi Zwizwai, Charlton Hwende and Tendai Biti, clandestinely got financial sponsorship while other candidates were told to fund their own campaign.

The source said Kureva had a feeling that he was not wanted in the CCC and was contemplating taking a back sit within that party.

The same source said that last week, Chamisa lashed at Kureva for questioning him why he had snubbed the rally that was planned for Epworth on the 12th of March 2022, opting to go to Marondera. The source said Kureva told Chamisa that they had already printed some fliers and posters, and had mobilised people to attend the rally and was disheartened when Chamisa chose to go to Marondera.

The source said that Kureva was shocked when Chamisa, instead of responding politely and maturely, lashed out at him and labelled him an uncultured member who should be arraigned before a disciplinary hearing.

“Chamisa was furious with Kureva whom he accused of being big headed. He plainly told Kureva that he was a nonentity in the party; hence he should not question his decisions. Chamisa said he was the only leader in the party and he solely decides what to do and when to do it without being directed by people like Kureva. Chamisa immediately called for displinary measures to be taken against Kureva for challenging his authority,” said the source.

During the by elections held last Saturday, Kureva was clobbered by ZANU PF’s Zalerah Makari who polled 10 248 votes against polled 8 283 votes.