Prof Moyo chides CCC

Political Reporter

Exiled former Cabinet Minister and political analyst, Professor Jonathan Moyo has chided the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) saying that it doesn’t have the political strategies to win next year’s elections.

In a series of tweets yesterday, Professor Moyo claimed that CCC was not a political party as it didn’t have structures. He further labelled CCC as a secret organisation masquerading as a political party.

“It is not and it cannot be in the public interest to have a secret society masquerading as a political party to contest elections for public office. That is just wrong and it has no precedence anywhere in the world. In fact, it is very scary from a societal point of view,” said Prof Moyo.

Moyo added that CCC should not be allowed to contest next year’s elections as it has no constitution and party structures.

“The issue arises because CCC says it is not a rebranded political party but is a brand new political formation. The time has come for Zimbabwe to consider registering political parties. Parties with no constitution, structures and founding processes should not contest elections,” said Professor Moyo.

The CCC interim spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere lashed out at Professor Moyo and argued that an exiled person should not comment on the political processes of the country. Mahere said Professor Moyo was not privy to what was happening within CCC, hence he should not comment about that party.

A political analyst, Terence Chipwanya who spoke to this publication urged the CCC to seriously take heed of Moyo’s free political lectures and establish structures.

“Professor Moyo is saying the truth. It would be difficult for CCC to win next elections without solid structures. A political party cannot be controlled by one individual as that would be a recipe for disaster. Without structures, how would CCC organise its campaigns or know the calibre of candidates it would field in next year’s elections? If the issue of structures within CCC is not resolved, I predict the collapse of that party before or soon after next year’s elections,” said Chipwanya.

Meanwhile, there are reports that there are serious disgruntlements within CCC as members were silently protesting Nelson Chamisa’s decision not to hold a congress to elect substantive office holders. Chamisa is being accused of monopolising that party and treating it as his personal project without taking heed of other people’s views.