Chiwenga lambasts Nelson Chamisa

Staff Reporter

Founder and leader of the Apostle T. F Chiwenga Ministries, Apostle Talent Farai Chiwenga has lambasted Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa, by likening him to a 17 year old boy who is good for nothing except priding himself for speaking English.

Apostle Chiwenga said this while responding to a video which is making the rounds on social media, featuring Chamisa addressing people in English boastfully claiming that African leaders have urged him to lead Zimbabwe into a prosperous future.     

Apostle Chiwenga rubbished the claim by stating that Zimbabwe is not looking for an eloquent orator, or a motivational speaker but rather a leader to lead the people of Zimbabwe. He said unfortunately Chamisa did not meet the standard.

“People are not looking for an eloquent orator, a motivational speaker, people want a leader.  Munofunga kuti chirungu chinokuita leader here?” said Chiwenga. 

Apostle Chiwenga castigated Chamisa saying he lacks the mettle to go head on head with the ruling party’s candidate, President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Kutaura chirungu chiri correct uchi taura semunhu ane 17 years, hazvisi zvinokuyitisa mutungamiriri wenyika yeZimbabwe,” said Apostle Chiwenga.

This is not the first time that Apostle Chiwenga has crossed paths with Chamisa. In the past, he labelled Chamisa who is also a Pastor, as nothing but a liar who is not fit enough to be anyone’s Pastor.

“Whose Pastor can Chamisa be? I wish he would just leave the name of God alone and focus on politics because he lies a lot. He must stop playing with the name of God,” said Apostle Chiwenga.

Meanwhile, CCC interim co-vice president, Tendai Biti is also on record boasting that he speaks fluent Oxford English and that his white friends call him Mr Bhiti, a situation that indicates the West is succeeding in assimilating the CCC leadership and re-colonisation of their minds.