Ngarivhume dumps Chamisa

Political Reporter

Long-time ally of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) who is also leader of Transform Zimbabwe, Jacob Ngarivhume has thrown Nelson Chamisa under the bus.

Responding to a tweet that Chamisa had sent which said ‘Faka Pressure,’ Ngarivhume said such political rhetoric by Chamisa no longer made sense. In another tweet, Ngarivhume agrees with Prophet Talent Chiwenga that Chamisa is too neutral and a backseat leader as opposed to his deputy Job Sikhala.

“I am sorry but Faka pressure won’t cut it anymore. We need to be better communicators in a time of crisis,” he said.

Fears of a CCC split between Sikhala and Chamisa loyalists have grown stronger after that party president failed to assist Sikhala who is currently languishing in prison. Ngarivhume has declared that he will take a pro-active stance in assisting the two CCC legislators that are incarcerated.

Ngarivhume expressed his reservations over Chamisa’s capabilities as a leader and of CCC party to deliver victory in the 2023 Harmonised General Elections.   

“I have supported the CCC party since its inception. But I disagree with the lack of action. I realise now that I cannot criticise them into action. That’s why I need to be the alternative for those who want a more active approach,” he said.

A source close to Sikhala said party supporters were not happy with the neutral stance taken by Chamisa. She said if Chamisa remained neutral then other alternatives that include possible party split would be necessary to get their Member of Parliament (MP) back.

“Supporters are not happy at all, they have in fact started to suspect that Sikhala is being sacrificed by Chamisa since he is a big threat to his position. We had hoped that other lawyers and judges within the party would assist Sikhala but the lack of cooperation by Chamisa is worrisome. We are engaged with the matter in order to compel Chamisa to act fast. If it fails, then a potential party split will be inevitable,” said the source.

Meanwhile, Ngarivhume has been instrumental in mobilising support for CCC party since its inception. His  recent reactions including Apostle Talent Chiwenga will surely rock that party.

“There are a lot of mistakes and childishness in Chamisa’s method of politics and that is unacceptable. There is a lot of childishness around what they are doing, a lot of immaturity, a lot of kidsplay with their politics, and it’s taxing a lot,” said Apostle Chiwenga

Recently, Godfrey Tsenengamu and Jim Kunaka had a press conference where they revealed that they had abandoned the CCC party due to the childish politics in that party.   Jonathan Moyo also rebuked Nelson Chamisa for being a puppet of the West as evidenced by his failure to make decisions concerning the party structures.  Chamisa waited for the United States through Dr Stephen Chan to give him direction on party structures for him to act. This exposed the massive hand handling of the West in the running of the CCC party, as well as exposing the puppetry in Chamisa.