Foreign delegates call for the removal of sanctions

Political Reporter

Foreign delegates at the on-going ZANU PF Inaugural War Veterans League conference have called for the immediate removal of the illegal sanctions imposed on the country by the West.

Giving a solidarity message at the conference yesterday, Cde Uri Davis from the Palestine National Liberation Movement in Palestine said that sanctions were evil and were an unjustified punishment on the people of Zimbabwe.

“We also have a great message of solidarity for the people, leadership and the Government of Zimbabwe and also our comrades in ZANU PF. We are here to call for the lifting of unfair sanctions against the peaceful people of Zimbabwe and we consider it punishment that should not be imposed on Zimbabwe,” said Cde Davis.

Another delegate from FRELIMO, Mozambique, Cde David Chabooka also called for the immediate removal of sanctions and said the illegal embargos were hindering the country’s development plans. He added that as Frelimo, they were fully supportive of the Government’s developmental programmes.

Giving his key note address at the conference, President Mnangagwa said that the illegal sanctions will not deter the Government from pursuing programmes that are meant to uplift the citizens from poverty.

“The evil colonial system never crushed our resolve to be an independent people. Similarly, their illegal heinous sanctions will never defeat our determination to modernise, industrialise and lift many of our people out of poverty into prosperity,” said the President.

Meanwhile, a delegate from the ANC in South Africa, Cde Snuki Zikalala said that the war veterans were the custodians of the party and they must not be on the peripheries of the political affairs of the country’s politics.

“We are all aware that the war veterans have the wisdom, knowledge and history of their country. They have the wounds from the brutal rule of British colonialism and the brutal system of apartheid. War veterans have a big task of imparting knowledge and wisdom. It was not easy under the British colonial system and under apartheid,” said Cde Zikalala.

The war veterans’ conference that is being held under the theme, “Force of the Past, Power of the Present and Inspiration of the Future” will end today and President Mnangagwa is expected to give the closing remarks.