Opposition surrogates push for the ouster of ZUJ National Executive

Staff Reporter

Some Western backed elements within the Zimbabwe Union of Journalists (ZUJ), are frantically working to oust pro-Government George Maponga led National Executive, Harare Post can reveal.

According to evidence brought before this publication, on 23 September 2022, News Hawks correspondent Morris Bishi, through Ruvengo, Maboke and Company Legal Practitioners, filed an interjection that barred Maponga’s National Executive from restructuring ZUJ Masvingo Province citing that National Executive were in contravention of ZUJ clause 8(a) and (b) which states that a notice of (30) days should be given before such a congress as opposed to their eight days’ notice.

A source from ZUJ executive has, however, blasted this move whilst calling it misplaced and cheap politics that is aimed at delaying the establishment of a National Council by three months so as to allow a vote of no confidence to be put into motion. He said this could subsequently lead to the recall of the incumbent national executive.

“Clause 8(a) and (b) is only applicable to our National Congress because we have nothing called Provincial Congress in ZUJ constitution. We also do not have timelines for holding Provincial restructuring exercise.

“The only logical reason is that Bishi and crew want to delay the establishment of the National Council by more than three months with the hope of moving a vote of no confidence motion which will result in the recall of the incumbent National Executive,” said the source.

Another source said Masvingo News Hawks correspondent Bishi and Midlands News Hawks correspondent Brainer Matendere were both motivated by the need to ensure that ZUJ is not governed by elements that are pro-Government. He said this basing on the fact that some journalists in a WhatsApp group named, National Freelance Journalists Association of Zimbabwe which is administered by this duo’s loyalists are already agitating for the removal of current ZUJ leadership.

According to political commentator Patrick Manyemwe, the withdrawal by US Government from donating to a pro-Government ZUJ leadership has cast doubt at the actual intention of the West in creating a free and fair media atmosphere in Zimbabwe.  He also said News Hawks correspondents’ ethics have also put to fore that they are not a Liberal investigative media House, but that their editorial policy is aligned to that of their co-owners values Beatrice Mtetwa who is an opposition activist.