CCC prominent activist dumps Chamisa

Political Reporter

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) prominent activist, Jeff Judah Hossana has dumped that party accusing Nelson Chamisa of nicodemously working with ZANU PF.

In an audio circulating on various social media sites, Hossana slammed CCC leaders for deceiving the public whilst dining and wining with the ruling party.

Varume (CCC leaders) musadaro. Saka vanhu veku Zimbabwe varikutitamba nerweseri vachiita kunge ma members e opposition asi vachienda ku ZANU PF nehusiku. Hanzvadzi chaiyo ya Chamisa arikushanda ku office yeZANU PF. Even Chamisa akapihwa contract ku Sables, company ye Government. Saka toti Chamisa haasi we ZANU PF here. Isusu ndisu tirikubatwa kumeso,” said Hossana.

Hossana added that Chamisa was anti-labour after his role in the infamous Zuva case in 2015 that triggered thousands of job losses.

In 2015, Chamisa was part of the Zuva Petroleum legal team that defended the company against a Supreme Court challenge by a group of former managers. Chamisa and his colleagues successfully argued that the law discriminated against employers by allowing one party to a contract to terminate on notice. The Supreme Court agreed and the judgment triggered a bloodbath in industry with over 20 000 workers losing their jobs.

Hossana added that there was nothing meaningful in opposition and that was the reason people such as Lilian Timveous, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, Joshua Maponga and Tinashe Jonasi, among others joined ZANU PF.

In the same audio, Hossana ironically threatened that he was going to join ZANU PF and would establish and lead the Diapora4ED movement.

Hossana added that he had resolved to support President Mnangagwa and added that he was going to mobilise the diaspora community to come and register to vote for ZANU PF.

Meanwhile, there is turmoil in CCC as a number of senior members are disgruntled over Chamisa’s autocratic leadership style. Chamisa is said to be working with only the youthful members of that party while relegating senior members to the peripheries of that party’s political affairs.