‘Chamisa is clueless’

Political Reporter

Netizens have described Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa as a clueless politician with no capacity to defeat ZANU PF in the forthcoming elections.

A number of netizens invaded Chamisa’s social media sites blaming him for speaking in parables and failing to clearly articulate what his party stands for.

Melusi Mlotshwa, a netizen, told Chamisa that people were now tired of his biblical messages and want to hear about practical issues that concern their everyday lives.

“It has been said a thousand times that we are tired of poems and verses. We want to hear about practical issues relating to election reforms and what exactly you are going to do for workers, youths and villagers,” said Mlotshwa.

Front for Economic Emancipation in Zimbabwe (FEEZ) leader, Godfrey Tsenengamu mocked Chamisa and described him as nothing but a motivational speaker who has nothing political to offer to the people of Zimbabwe. Tsenengamu added that Zimbabwe should stop giving Chamisa pressure as he was still a political toddler with no capacity to grab state power.

Chamisa defended his perceived lack of political strategy and said that it was too early to share his election strategies, promising to reveal them at the appropriate time.

“It’s impolitic and unwise to say or share strategy on Twitter or via social media. We have it all figured out. Let’s engage via appropriate forums,” said Chamisa.

Meanwhile, there are reports claiming that CCC house is on fire as members are jostling for positions ahead of the anticipated inaugural elective congress. The young turks within CCC are eyeing top leadership positions with Chamisa expected to throw the likes of Tendai Biti, Charlton Hwende and Welshmen to the peripheries of that party.