CCC candidates chicken out of the Cowdray Park race

Political Reporter

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) aspiring candidates in Bulawayo are reportedly chickening out of Cowdray Park constituency after sensing a humiliating defeat at the hands of ZANU PF’s Professor Mthuli Ncube.

Prof Ncube won the ticket, in the just ended ZANU PF primary elections, to represent the Party in Cowdray Park constituency in the forthcoming elections.

According to the source, three CCC members namely Pashor Sibanda, Collet Ndlovu and Nkosinathi Mpofu who were eyeing the Cowdray Park constituency were now considering stepping down as they fear humiliation at the hands of Prof Ncube.

“Ncube’s triumph in the just ended ZANU PF primary elections in Cowdray Park has sent shivers to CCC aspiring candidates who are now afraid of being massively defeated. The likes of Sibanda, Ndlovu and Mpofu were eyeing the Cowdray Park seat but they are now hesitating to contest in that constituency in fear of Ncube’s big political profile,” said the source.

The source added that residents of Cowdray Park have embraced Ncube and it was likely that he will defeat any other challenger in that constituency.

According to the source, Mpofu who has been campaigning in Cowdray Park for some time was now considering standing as a councillor as his chances of winning against Ncube were now slim.

“Before the coming of Ncube, Mpofu had a higher chance of snatching the Cowdray Park constituency considering that he has been working with that community. However, Ncube came and changed the political landscape causing some Cowdray Park residents to accuse Mpofu of lying that he was a Ndebele when he was actually a Shona from Hurungwe. Mpofu is now being accused of changing his surname from Hove to Mpofu in a bid to grow his political career in Bulawayo,” said the source.

The same source claimed that it was given that Ncube would win in Cowdray Park as he has been doing a lot of philanthropic activities in that area, even before he was chosen as ZANU PF representative in the forthcoming elections.

Meanwhile, CCC candidates’ selection is on next week with the youths of that party reportedly urging Chamisa to dump the old guard in favour of the young generation. The likes of Welshman Ncube, Tendai Biti, Job Sikhala and Thabitha Khumalo are likely to be dropped by Chamisa in favour of the youths.