ZANU PF victory is certain: Prof Moyo

Political Reporter

Political analyst and former Cabinet Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo has sensationally claimed that the upcoming Harmonised General Elections slated for August this year, were for the ruling ZANU PF party to lose.

In a statement yesterday, Professor Moyo said that it was given that ZANU PF would clinch two thirds majority in the next parliament.

“While there are still some key unknowns about Zimbabwe’s election 2023, one clear known whose writing is on the wall is that the parliamentary election is for Zanu PF to lose, as yet another two-thirds majority appears to be within the party’s reach,” said Prof Moyo.

Professor Moyo added that ZANU PF aspiring candidates were already on the ground canvassing for support at a time the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), was still struggling with its candidate selection process. Prof Moyo added that the high level of organisation shown by ZANU PF members would propel the Party to electoral victory.

“With the gazetting of the election proclamation imminent, ZANU PF has finalised its full slate of candidates who are now on the ground vigorously campaigning in full force. CCC, which styles itself as the main opposition political party in the country and the government-in-waiting, is yet to finalise its candidate selection outcome,” added Professor Moyo.

According to Professor Moyo, ZANU PF had no challenger in this year’s elections. He added that the current economic sabotage might be the only thing to disturb the Party’s smooth path to victory.

“The only visible and potentially deadly opposition is coming from the teetering economy, which is approximating a free fall, but which the Government can still stabilise, although time running out,” said Professor Moyo.

The former Minister mocked CCC as a political party with an ambiguous and ineffective communication strategy.

 “But the brutal truth is that a new political party of the kind that CCC says it is, can ill afford an ambiguous communication strategy by which its leadership says what it does not mean and means what it does not say under the self-defeating pretext of confusing the enemy,” said Professor Moyo.

Professor Moyo concluded that CCC would likely lose this year’s elections because that party’s leader, Nelson Chamisa, has alienated himself from Morgan Tsvangirai’s traditional MDC base which gave him some votes in 2018 elections.