Pres. ED ground-breaks US$100 million Millennium Park Development

Staff Reporter

In a significant stride towards modernising and improving housing in Zimbabwe, the Government has reaffirmed its commitment to the Zimbabwe Human Settlements Policy (2020) (ZHSP).

This policy's impact is currently being showcased in the US$100 million Millennium Park Development in Harare’s prestigious Borrowdale West suburb.

President Mnangagwa, speaking at the ground-breaking ceremony of the Millennium Park development yesterday, highlighted the Second Republic's dedication to fostering private sector involvement in providing quality housing and workspace.

The President stressed the importance of an inclusive approach in the property development sector, ensuring that the needs of all societal strata are met.

“The involvement of private developers like WestProp Holdings reflects the business-friendly environment established by the Second Republic. Their aim to produce 'a billion bricks by 2050' aligns with our national philosophy, 'Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo, ilizwe lakhiwa ngabanikazi balo' ('A country is built by its own people'). This ambitious goal is commendable and exemplifies a strong commitment to national development,” President Mnangagwa stated.

The President further encouraged local sourcing in the construction sector, advocating for support for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). He emphasised the sector's potential to catalyse economic growth and its impact on related industries.

“A thriving construction sector should not only be about increasing housing stock and cement use. It should also uplift our MSMEs by sourcing quality, locally-made construction materials. This will significantly contribute to our goal of economic growth by 2030,” he added.

President Mnangagwa also invited Zimbabweans, including those in the diaspora, to engage with innovative models that blend housing finance with wealth creation.

The President welcomed new concepts like penthouses, noting their alignment with global trends and their potential to revolutionise Zimbabwean housing.

The Millennium Park development is a flagship project under this policy.

Currently, 1000 apartments are under construction, with 200 already completed. The development plan includes a shopping mall, office blocks, and various social amenities, encapsulating the 'live, work, shop, and play' theme.

This initiative, spearheaded by WestProp Holdings under the "Bring Dubai to Zimbabwe" mantra, is a bold step towards transforming Zimbabwe's urban landscape.