DISCO focuses on comprehensive employee training at the Manhize facility

Staff Reporter

Dinson Iron and Steel Company (DISCO) is intensifying its focus on the skills development of its employees across all sectors of production in a strategic move to enhance workforce capabilities.

In an interview with this publication yesterday, DISCO’s Administration Manager Michael Wang, emphasised the company’s comprehensive training approach.

"With 17 diverse departments ranging from finance and administration to sales, procurement, and plant operations, our goal is to equip each employee with specialised knowledge pertinent to their specific roles. As we transition from the construction phase to the production phase, our training programmes are evolving to support this new focus, ensuring our team is adept not only in construction but also in production skills,” said Wang.

Wang added that the training programme at DISCO extends beyond internal processes, incorporating educational sessions led by external entities and Government departments.

“Topics cover a broad spectrum, including environmental stewardship guided by EMA and employee social security and safety, in collaboration with the National Social Security Authority (NSSA),” added Wang.

DISCO’s Engineer Munashe Chihambakwe said that as a company, they were aiming at training their employees to speak and comprehend multiple languages.

 "We are committed to preparing our local employees for managerial roles and even plan to include language training, offering Chinese classes to facilitate better communication within our global network. The training is set to last at least one month," he noted.

As DISCO gears up for the production and sale of its first batch of steel, targeting markets within Zimbabwe and the broader Southern Africa Development Community (SADC), it looks to establish a competitive stance against global giants like China’s Tsingshan Group and India Steel, both significant players in the industry.