Boost Hail and Cotton Quality Leaf Tobacco diversifies farming in Karoi

Agriculture Reporter


Boost Hail and Cotton Quality Leaf Tobacco is assisting commercial farmers by providing them small pieces of land on their company farm as well as resources to cultivate crops beyond tobacco.


During an interview with this publication in Karoi today, Henry Dike, a representative of Boost Hail and Cotton Quality Leaf Tobacco, detailed the company's support for local farmers.


"We provide commercial farmers with approximately 200 square meters of land each, dedicated to growing a variety of crops. Our goal is to reduce the farmers' dependence on tobacco and introduce them to other viable agricultural products,” Dike explained


The company’s assistance extends beyond just providing land. Dike emphasized that they also offer comprehensive training programs for the farmers.


"BHC also trains farmers on cultivating crops and introduces them to rain-resistant varieties. This education is crucial, especially with the increasing unpredictability of weather patterns due to climate change,” Dike stated


He added further that the specific allocations of crops are designed to ensure a balanced approach to diversification.


“We provide inputs that allow farmers to grow approximately 50 kilograms of maize, 13 kilograms of cassava, and 7 kilograms of soybeans, among other crops. This variety not only helps in food security but also opens up new revenue streams for the farmers,” Dike noted.


On that note, farmers in the region have expressed their gratitude for the support provided by Boost Hail and Cotton Quality Leaf Tobacco. John Moyo, a farmer from Magunje, praised the initiative.


“This company has significantly helped us by not only focusing on tobacco farming. Tobacco used to be our only source of income, and now we have other crops that can support our families and improve our livelihoods,” Moyo said


Furthermore, by diversifying their crops, farmers are not only securing their food supply but are also less vulnerable to market fluctuations in tobacco prices. This holistic approach to farming ensures a more resilient agricultural sector in Zimbabwe.


As the farmers of Karoi embrace this new model of farming, they are setting an example for others in the region. With continued support and innovation, the future of agriculture in Zimbabwe looks promising, driven by companies like Boost Hail and Cotton Quality Leaf Tobacco and the resilient spirit of its farmers.