MDC blasted over childish SONA walkout

by Tinotenda Mutasa

The MDC Alliance’s ill-advised stunt to walk out of Parliament during President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s State of the Nation Address yesterday spectacularly backfired after netizens roasted them for being childish hypocrites.

Angry citizens took to Twitter to vent their anger, with most being of the opinion that the MDC Alliance legislators should also forego sitting allowances and other perks if, as they claim, they want no association with an “illegitimate” President. Tafadzwa Mukudu tweeted, “Why not just boycott the whole illegitimate process and resign? You can't have your cake and eat it too, on the one hand claiming you are legitimate as an MP but the President who took part in the same process is not. Or are illegitimate allowances too sweet? Waste of time.”

Thando Khumalo weighed in saying, “So they'll be doing this for the next five years? The levels of immaturity are staggering, is this representing their constituents? It's disgraceful to say the least. You were right @KomradeQuestion there are truly NO ADULTS in politics.”

Norton independent legislator, Temba Mliswa cautioned the opposition legislators saying, “The sooner MDC A realize they were elected by the people to be in Parly and contribute to the Nation, the sooner they’ll set their political differences aside for the good of the people. Failure to which, people will judge them harshly in five years’ time, it’s tax payers money, let’s use it wisely.”


Losing POVO council elections candidate Duduzile Nyirongo queried “Are they also rejecting their seats and the luxurious cars?”

Since losing this year’s elections, the MDC Alliance has increasingly resorted to throwing tantrums and childish threats in a bid to remain relevant. Recently, those parties was planning a mock inauguration for its leader, Nelson Chamisa, but were forced to cancel owing to the cholera outbreak.