According to the report there were CCC activists who were involved in the arson that resulted in the damage of the Party’s property.

“A group of CCC activists have been reported to be responsible for the destructive fire that damaged ZANU PF property. The fire consumed a wooden table, seven plastic chairs and two small wooden benches, and a further damage was done to the Party building. ZANU PF members who reside near the party offices alerted Jonhera leading him to report the CCC hooligans to the Budiriro police station,” revealed the source.

CCC's history of violence has raised significant concerns in the country. That party’s violent acts during the recent election season sparked worries, with their apparent proclivity for violence becoming increasingly evident.

The beleaguered political outfit perpetrated acts of violence in many parts of the country. A troubling incident occurred when a group of six CCC members led by Gift Chatambudza was involved in an altercation at the funeral of Rosemary Chiruva in Epworth. The targeted victim of this confrontation was Douglas Mwonzora’s security aide, Panganayi Musarudzwa.

Another disturbing incident involved CCC Sunningdale legislator, Maureen Kademaunga and Harare  Ward 10 councillor, Clyde Mushonjera who were recently arrested on charges of attempted murder and assault, further highlighting the tendency for violence within the CCC ranks.

Meanwhile, political analysts have commented on the violent acts perpetrated  by CCC, highlighting that it was surprising that these incidents were not adequately addressed in the post-election report compiled by the Head of the SADC Election Observer Mission (SEOM), Dr. Nevers Mumba, and his team.

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In a situation that exposes Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa’s dictatorial tendencies, Shantiel Chiwara has been single handedly chosen to be the Mayor of Masvingo ahead of today`s Masvingo Mayoral election.

According to a source in that party, the move has been met with anger and frustration from CCC supporters in Masvingo, who are in favor of Councillor Sitemere Wilstaff.

The source revealed that Chamisa had directed Farai Chinobva to make sure that Chiwara lands the mayoral post. He reportedly ordered him to add his trusted lieutenants into a committee that would influence the imposition of Chiwara, a move that has been seen as a clear attempt to rig the selection process and ensure that Chiwara wins, regardless of the wishes of the CCC supporters.

“CCC supporters in Masvingo are furious over Chamisa's plan to impose Chiwara. They say that Chiwara is not the right person for the job and that his imposition would be a betrayal of their trust. They are also concerned that Chamisa's actions will damage the CCC's reputation in Masvingo and make it more difficult for the party to win elections in the future,” said the source.

The source further revealed that Chamisa wanted Masvingo Ward 9 Councillor-elect, Daniel Mberikunashe as deputy Mayor.

Meanwhile, Chamisa is on record imposing mayors against the wish of his supporters. In Bulawayo, he imposed David Coltart Mayor, despite the fact that most CCC supporters in Bulawayo wanted a Ndebele candidate. Chamisa also imposed Ian Makone in Harare which was against the majority of CCC supporters who wanted the retention of Jacob Mafume. The CCC supporters indicated that Makone was too professional to do the tricks needed for a CCC mayor in Harare.

According to the source Chamisa is said to be purging supporters of his internal rival, Tendai Biti. Among those who fell victim due to their alliance to Biti are Mafume (Harare Mayoral posts), Settlement Chikwinya (Mbizo Constituency) and Biti himself (Harare East constituency).

  …as CCC plots to influence the placing of Zim on UNGA agenda

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Members of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) have come under scrutiny for resorting to deception in an attempt to put Zimbabwe on  the on-going United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) agenda.