Gas, oil exploration in Muzarabani gathers momentum

Staff Reporter

The exploration of oil and gas in Muzarabani is on course with drilling of the first hole having commenced last Friday.

In a statement yesterday, Invictus Energy, the Australian firm prospecting for oil and gas in Muzarabani, announced that drilling of the first well known as Mukuyu One begun last Friday.

“Invictus Energy Limited is pleased to provide an update on the activities of its 80 percent owned and operated Cabora Bassa project in Zimbabwe. The Company is pleased to announce that drilling at the Mukuyu-1 exploration well in SG 4571 commenced on Friday 24 September. Drilling commenced from the installed conductor at 67m to a planned depth of 650m in the 17½ inch intermediate hole section. The Mukuyu-1 well is designed to target several stacked Triassic and younger sandstones within a 200km2 four-way dip closure on the basement high trend,” said Invictus Managing Director, Scott Macmillan.

Macmillan further announced that the Mukuyu One1is one of the largest oil and gas exploration prospects to be drilled globally in 2022, targeting a combined prospective resource potential of 20 trillion cubic feet and 845 million barrels of conventional gas condensate.

Macmillan also informed that the Mukuyu One well will be drilled to a projected depth of 3,500 metres. Drilling and evaluation of the well is expected to take approximately 50 to 60 days to complete.

According to Invictus Energy, the drilling of Mukuyu One well  will be followed by the Baobab One well, which will test an independent play along the basin margin in the EPO 1849 block and take approximately 30 to 40 days to complete.

Macmillan added that Baobab One well will target stacked Cretaceous and younger sandstones, within four-way and three-way dip closures, against the southern basin bounding rift fault.

Meanwhile, data analysed from seismic studies done for the Muzarabani oil and gas field has revealed potential production of around 283.2 billion cubic metres of natural gas and almost 40 million cubic metres of oil condensate

The Muzarabani community and surrounding areas are set to benefit from the gas and oil exploration as Invictus Energy has already pledged to provide water, education and health facilities as part of its social corporate responsibility.